Why use a professional translator for your project?

I have been trained to provide quality work that corresponds to the target audience and language level that meets your needs. It is important to make the right choices. A translator with experience in their field and professional training in the languages you need will always be a real guarantee of quality.

Do not think twice about asking the translators you want to work with about their careers and educational background. Remember that being bilingual and being a good translator are not synonymous.

A professional translator, with a university education and experience, will be better qualified to identify your needs, adapt your project to their working style, know which tool to use and exactly how to translate your document to meet your requirements.


By using Tradixit, you are guaranteed:

  • a service adapted to your needs
  • adherence to your deadlines
  • meticulous work
  • streamlined project communication: I am your only point of contact

I only translate from English and German into French. 


Specialist areas:

Pollutec 2018, Lyon


I have been trained to translate all types of technical, legal and editorial texts.

I now specialize in the energy and environment sector, which includes the following sub-catagories:

    • energy transition
    • circular economy
    • environment
    • CSR/HSE


Specialising in the environmental sector involves working with and developing specific terminology and theoretical knowledge upstream. I continually look to develop professionally (MOOC, subscription to professional magazines in several languages, meeting with stakeholders in the field at events [Pollutec in Lyon, for example], etc.) in order to provide you with translations that are both reliable and of a high quality.

Translation services:

Tradixit offers different types of translation services, including:

  • dubbing
  • transcription
  • translation
  • transcreation

From first contact to the delivery of your project, I stay available to discuss your needs and to ensure that you are satisfied with the translation I will provide you with.