About me

Marie-Laure FauriteI am Marie-Laure Faurite, a freelance translator from the Grenoble region of France.

I work from English and German into French. Becoming a translator was a childhood dream of mine that I have managed to make come true – Tradixit is the fulfilment of this dream.


I started my language studies with a double curriculum course in English and German, which allowed me to obtain a degree in both of these languages. I then completed a master’s degree in Multilingual Specialised Translation, which is part of the EMT (European Master’s in Translation) network. This course focused on the professional world of translation and taught me how to meet the needs of the profession and respond to client needs with internships abroad and the internal management of a junior translation agency. Consequently, I am well equipped for providing quality translation services from English and German into French.

Areas of work

I have worked in translation agencies in Austria and Scotland. During my studies, I was trained on how to translate legal, technical, literary and tourism texts and now specialise in environmental translation.

Tools used

I use powerful computer assisted translation (CAT) tools such as SDL Trados 2019 and MemoQ, which improve the consistency of your final translated file. These sophisticated programmes also enable users to maintain glossaries in the form of a terminology database and to create translation memories that store your previously translated content. Thanks to this powerful technology, translators can make use of stored translations to ensure consistency in the use of your technical terms and phrases and thus produce a text that meets your exact needs. As part of my training, I passed the Trados Studio 2017 certification, demonstrating that I am a competent user of SDL Trados software .

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Good communication is essential for ensuring that Tradixit translations meet all of your needs.

Before using a translator, be sure to check this short guide from the French Society of Translators, which will help you to make the right choices for your needs. Please feel free to consult ISO 17100:2015, which specifies the requirements for translation services.